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We have helped transform lives of hundreds of families across Berkshire. We base our success on results – for most of our members this has been an increase in unstoppable confidence, for others it has been an increase in fitness, strength, stronger mind-set, rapid weight loss whilst for other it has been the ability to be part of a really supportive and friendly community where you are nurtured and encouraged to be your best version.

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Hi, I’m Sensei Rich and I am the founder of Lone Wolf Martial arts Academy.  I have been studying martial arts for over 20yrs and am a multi-World champion in kickboxing, karate and self-defence. I am a scientist by background and have worked in food and nutrition for many years. I have worked in multi-national  conglomerate and blue chip companies where I have led and developed cutting edge technology.  I run this club with my family. My wife is a martial artist and has been teaching for 20+ years. My 3 teenage daughters, who are all World and British champions also help me teach classes around their schooling commitments. They are fantastic ambassadors and role models for children and young adults. At Lone Wolf we aim to help parents and carers raise confident leaders as well as help adults reach their full and true potential. We do this through a fun, challenging and educational curriculum focusing on confidence, fitness and leadership skills that can only be achieved through martial arts


To serve and empower the Berkshire community by teaching children and adults the skills to build resilient minds and bodies through martial arts and self-defence.


We do this by:

Focusing on personal development in a positive environment

Offering the highest quality martial arts lessons

Offering a fun and challenging curriculum accessible to people of any age

Helping build essential physical co-ordination and control in young children

Enhancing focus skills in children so they can transfer these skills at home and at school

Helping students to learn to channel any frustration and anger

Helping Teenagers with tools to be smart and capable through making the right choices and judgements

Offering adults accountability to empower them, whether they want to defend themselves, lose weight, or just have fun.

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